Automate.Marketing integrates your online and offline marketing channels into a single environment.

Content Marketing

Automate Marketing believes in providing high quality content for both B2B and B2C clients for their all their online needs. With experienced copywriters and editors, Automate Marketing caters both on-page and off-page content that can help attract traffic into your website.

In today’s online world, content is king. From SEO considerations to your audience’s attention, websites with high quality content makes the most impact. From blog entries that become viral, to web contents that convert more customers, these are just some of the advantages of having high quality content.

Regardless of the size of your business, a relevant and effective content marketing strategy has the ability to bring more customers and clients into your company.

And since tailor fitted content can help build your brand and overall marketing, we make sure to implement a personalized strategy for your company’s requirements.

We conduct extensive research for every client to ensure the appropriate tone, voice, terminologies and facts that will be published in your content.

How important is content marketing for B2B and B2C businesses?

According to studies, 36% of B2B businesses that used content marketing strategy find themselves effective in their niche. That’s three times greater than those B2B companies without a properly implemented content marketing strategy.

On the other hand, there’s the same trend with B2C firms. 43% of B2C companies with content marketing efforts find themselves effective in contrast to the 33% that didn’t have one. Because of these trends more businesses are publishing content regularly, and 55% of marketers are planning to increase their budget for content generation over the next 12 months.

How crucial is the right content?

Why do businesses suddenly felt the urgency to create high quality content? Here’s the thing with this trend. Over the last few years, Google has rolled out a number of changes on how it ranks websites.

Google’s algorithm now has the ability to decipher whether or not your content is relevant and useful to your audience or not. It now interprets not only your content’s grammar but also how it performs in social media.

It simply means that those websites without an effective content marketing campaign gets left behind by competition. You rarely see websites that don’t have the proper content end up in the first search result page. And since 8 out of 10 Google users don’t even go to the second result page, that’s when the problem starts.

What can Automate Marketing do to adapt to these changes?

Automate Marketing is an expert in developing content for different clients from different industries. We take pride in doing the necessary market research to ensure that the content we provide is at par with the best in your niche.

We build original content based on your business plan and strategy. Regardless if it is for social media, email marketing or for other purpose, Automate Marketing is more than willing to adjust according to your needs.

We also reflect on the expectations and motivations of your market in order to craft the appropriate content that can increase your company’s potential and performance.

With our content marketing services, we can make it easier for clients to conduct marketing automation when it comes to distributing content. This strategy has been proven to reduce human error, and to ensure execution of your content distribution.

Lastly, we help B2B companies operate efficiently with account based marketing. How does account based marketing work? It’s a strategy used by B2B firms in order to focus on the most profitable accounts possible. From here, we provide them with content that they could show the employees. It could be in form of white paper, ebooks, infographics etc. This way, ideas could be communicated to the companies, catching their interest in the process. Businesses could target potential accounts via social media, LikedIN, and even via their IP Address.