We use Eloqua to develop advanced programs that are designed to help you accomplish your goals.

Custom Eloqua Customer Lifecycle Programmes and Lead Nurturing

We offer a range of Eloqua-based services which have been packaged specifically to help your organization move towards marketing automation. We offer:

  • Advanced Program Building, which includes programs for lead scoring, in addition to nurturing leads through multiple paths.
  • Lead Management Strategy with Eloqua, which includes a strategy built around the generation of demand, handoff from marketing to sales, and the management of leads.
  • The best practices and administrative methods for PURLs, forms, and processing steps.
  • Comprehensive Email Marketing solutions, including best practices and complete support for campaign management.
  • Database Management, including field management, uploads, data integrity, and associated best practices.
  • Reporting through complete Eloqua and Salesforce.com dashboards that are immediately actionable.
  • Advanced Program Building.

Our Approach:

We use Eloqua to develop advanced programs that are designed to help you accomplish your goals. Our consultants have extensive expertise with campaign design, and in-depth knowledge and experience with strategy, which they use in lead nurturing, lead scoring, and CRM update programs, among others, to ensure that each of your campaigns will be

Lead Management Strategy

At Automate.Marketing, we recognize the importance of strategy, even if so much ultimately depends on effective execution. Each of our Eloqua consultants is equipped with the expertise and the experience to understand your vision and to help you.

Forms & Landing Pages

With our skills in developing Eloqua forms and landing pages, created with the use of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, your personalized URLs will come to life and do amazing things. We have plenty of samples as examples, and they are ready to be viewed by you whenever you wish.

Database Management

Even though database management is fundamentally a simple enough process, it still requires a certain amount of work if your database is to grow and remain free of errors. We help you do just that, by consistently updating and maintaining your records in your CRM and Eloqua accurately.

Email Marketing

We realize that email marketing forms the crux of marketing automation and thus our consultants strive to both develop and manage effective and professional email campaigns. We build HTML emails and Eloqua campaigns, segment databases, and appropriate routing leads, in addition to conducting an audit of your existing email practices so that you can improve key metrics, including click-to-open, conversion rates, and click-through rates.

CRM and Eloqua Reporting

Lastly, we help you keep track of all sorts of relevant information, including everything you could wish to know about your campaign, leads, contacts, and your overall marketing efforts.