Go-To-Market Strategy especially in international markets is a large commitment for any vendor. Automate.marketing makes the expansion and transformation easy and effective.

Your Strategic Go-to-Market Partner

Did you know that many businesses nowadays strive to penetrate UK’s and Ireland’s market place? UK is only one of the many countries known to feature a fast-moving, innovative and very changing markets in EMEA in various industries ranging from healthcare, energy, insurance, media, retail and many more. Despite the great market UK has for businesses, some of these companies fail due to one major problem: lack of knowledge on how the UK and overall EMEA market works.

There are several factors that are important to consider when initiating an EMEA Go-to-Market Strategy. These include:

  • Market size. How large is the target market? How many respondents is the marketing strategy aiming for?
  • Market rate of growth. How much increase can be brought about by the strategy to the specific chosen market?
  • Government regulation. What government regulations may hinder the marketing strategy? What regulations may support it?
  • Market share. Who are your competitors? What is your prospective number of sales?
  • Economic and political factors. What economic or political factors may affect the marketing strategy?
  • Product fit. How can your marketing strategy introduce the product or service as something that meets market demand?
  • How much profit can it generate?

Automate.Marketing is the right partner to help you scale in EMEA

Automate Marketing, provides you tailor-made services according to their particular market’s status and current position. Our services include:

Market Analysis

We analyse your business and solutions, which also involves its suitability in various market segments. This way, we are able to identify your potential channel partners and customers to come up with an immediate solution. We also identify and separate the varying potential geographical markets and provide competitive analysis for identified markets.

Market Entry 

We assist in establishing further partnerships with channel partners for our clients and take charge of the sales outsourcing. We also provide assistance to companies in establishing a legal entity which may also involve administrative services, office facilities, recruitment process and more.

Lead Generation

From business profiling to telemarketing to E-marketing, we take care of this process by utilizing our own resources, developing in-depth reports and analysis and utilizing emails and banners to assist in generating leads and establishing brand awareness targeted towards potential customers.

Sales Outsourcing

We use the better alternative of sales outsourcing instead of building a regional subsidiary from scratch. By outsourcing your sales aspect to Automate.Marketing, we guarantee that all day-to-day operational activities will be handled by us. What are the benefits? Low or reduced costs for running your sales and marketing programs, lower sales investment, trials for new sales strategies, establishing a team of qualified individuals at a lower price, more savings on HR recruitment and training costs and quicker start-up process.


will deliver everything you need to help your company establish its EMEA market footprint and ensure continued success. Drop us a line today!