We aim to add lasting value to all aspects of the businesses we work with.

Automate Marketing works hand in hand with enterprises and organizations using Micrsoft Dynamics CRP and ERP systems

We provide training, and support partnerships that could add value to your current business. We simplify the stages of our consultation to development process in order to ensure effective results to our clients.

Initial consultation

  • We first look into the current configured software that is being used by the company. It is also during this stage that we help clients envision what they want to achieve.
  • We analyze the needs in order to formulate the perfect system meant for the business.
  • It is also in this stage that we try to figure out the potential challenges and problems that your business may face during system implementation
  • Automate Marketing assists in appointing your team from an executive down to project manager.
  • We also help you formulate an ideal practice agreement

Project mobilisation

  • We confirm and check your IT system objectives
  • We outline the project planning and ideal structure of partnership we are going to have
  • Together, we formulate a project mechanism

High-level project design

  • Arrange meetings together with the team to work on the identified objectives and goals
  •  Together, we’ll continue to define and redefine the desired system outcomes
  •  We will also identify both your installation and training needs
  •  We strategize how to migrate data

Automate.Marketing’s 5 point bespoke design implementation:

  • Team training– We provide training to your business team in order for them to have full confidence using Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Functional design– The workshops we conduct will complete a functional design to the Microsoft CRM and ERP system which will be integrated into your business.
  • Technical architecture– We determine the best installation procedures by assessing the current, as well as future security landscape
  • Data Migration- We offer in depth review, as well as analysis of your data sources.
  • Integration- We provide integration between the Microsoft CRM along with your current applications.
  • Configuration– We also create functions custom fitted to the data migration process.
  • System testing and reports-Our fine-tuned integration and system tests for complete functional confidence.

We Go-live!

  • We provide training to your IT on how to install the Microsoft CRM Outlook.
  • We also provide final data migration along with your formal agreement.
  • Transfer of configuration from development to production.
  •  We provide support for your live launch!

Our on-going support partnership with you post implementation

Our support doesn’t end during launch. Automate Marketing carries out on-going support on your Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM system users. We ensure that you continue to benefit from the software implementation, while save time on user tasks.

Now, what are you waiting for?

Automate Marketing provides complete documentation for every step of the way. It is our passion to help businesses and organizations of all sizes leaving no questions behind in every stage of the processes.

The goal of Automate Marketing is to provide you with an efficient, not to mention effective software management model that works in favor of your business or organization.

Are you looking for a new ERP and CRM system for your business? Feel free to contact us and let’s discuss what we can do to improve what you currently have.