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Display Advertising

According to studies, an average person is served an average of 1700 online banners every month. That’s how popular display advertising is in the world of online marketing. However, you have to understand that display advertising can be a bit tricky. But nonetheless, it is an effective form of marketing.

Online, there are different types of advertisements that could be used such as audio and video, as well as images. It aims not only to increase the site’s traffic but to monetize from the traffic generated by this strategy.

Modern challenges for display advertising.

There are a lot of challenges faced by marketers today. For instance, 54% of users really don’t click on displayed ad because they don’t trust them. Also, there is a growing trend among internet users that they make use of ad blocking software. Given these challenges, you may consider letting go of display advertising as part of your online marketing strategy.
In reality, you don’t have to throw display advertising out the window.
In fact, by 2018, it is expected that 27% of brand marketers are still investing on display advertising. Also, you have to look into consideration that you can make use of different sites where you can showcase your ad. Using the right retargeting approach, it is possible to make the most out of display advertising.

The right way to perform display advertising.

Automate Marketing has been able to help businesses with limited advertising budget maximizing their investment in advertising. With our experts who are adept in retargeting the specific audience, you could maximize the people who’ve seen your advertisement.

Keep in mind that a consumer’s path towards buying a product or service is not really straight forward. You may notice that they usually leave your website and then decide to comeback once they have seen your advertisement on other websites such as YouTube, Facebook or even on other people’s websites.

Aside from using social media, having an email list can also be used in order to retarget your specific audience.

Automate Marketing specializes in providing display advertising to your audience. With our team of online marketing experts, Automate Marketing looks into your company’s website and figure out who your audience really is. From here, you’ll be guided where to place your advertisement.

We help you meet your goals.

What is your goal for having display advertising? Automate Marketing allows brand owners to meet their goals. Do you plan on increasing your market’s awareness regarding your brand or product that you are about to release? Or perhaps, you want to convert them into buyers?

With the help of Automate Marketing, businesses are guided every step of the way. Businesses can maximize their presence using Facebook, LinkedIN, and the likes of Twitter as a platform.